How to Configure Dropbox


You can use Postbox with Dropbox. When dropping a file from your Dropbox folder into the Compose window, instead of attaching the document, Postbox can insert a shareable link for the recipient to use for accessing the "attached" document.

(Please note that only files are supported at this time.  We're investigating support for Folders in a future release.)

To Configure Dropbox in Postbox

1. Turn on the Dropbox feature by going to:

OS X: Postbox > Preferences > Composition > Advanced

Windows: Tools > Options > Composition > Advanced

... and then select the option to enable Dropbox support with Postbox when adding attachments.

2. After enabling this feature, the next time you drag and drop an attachment from your Dropbox folder into the compose window, you will be prompted to log into the Dropbox service.

When the feature is enabled, you can still attach Dropbox fies as regular attachments by dropping them into the attachments bucket at the bottom of the Compose window, using the Attach toolbar button, or by using the File > Attach menu item.


  • Dropbox shareable links expire after 30 days.
  • You can only send links to files, not folders.
  • Files that contain certain characters are not supported at this time, e.g. å, ä, ñ or ö


If Postbox fails to automatically detect your Dropbox folder, you can manually specify it with the hidden pb.dropbox_service.path pref using the Postbox Config editor.  Example for OS X:  "/Users/sspitzer/Dropbox".  Example for Windows:  "C:\Users\sspitzer\Dropbox"

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