Canned Responses

Postbox 3 includes a new feature that makes it easy to insert pre-generated responses into outgoing message replies.

You can manage canned responses within a dedicated Preferences panel, and when composing a message, responses have a dedicated toolbar button which allows you to choose from the list of responses that you have created. Here's how to create, configure, and use canned responses in Postbox.

Creating Responses

To create a new canned response, go to:

On Mac: Postbox | Preferences | Composition | Responses  

On Windows: Tools | Options |  Composition | Responses  

Next, click the Add or + button to open the editor drop down. Create your response and use the formatting buttons to style your entry. You can create additional responses by simply clicking the Add or + button again. To edit an existing response, click the Pencil button below the list.


Using Responses

Use the Responses toolbar icon to insert a response into the composition window. 



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