Where to Download Older Versions of Postbox

We strongly recommend that you use the most recent version of Postbox, but if you are looking for older versions, you can still download them here:

Postbox 3.0.11

Postbox 3.0.10

Postbox 3.0.9

Postbox 3.0.8

Postbox 3.0.7

Postbox 3.0.6

Postbox 3.0.5

Postbox 3.0.4

Postbox 3.0.3

Postbox 3.0.2

Postbox 2.5.3

Postbox 2.1.4

Postbox 1.1.4

All versions of Postbox share the same configuration files and mail databases, so it is easy to switch between the two products.

Downgrading on Windows

When moving from a newer version of Postbox to an older version of Postbox on Windows, make sure to uninstall the newer version of Postbox first (see http://support.postbox-inc.com/entries/86035-how-to-uninstall-postbox) before installing the older version of Postbox.


When downgrading to an older version of Postbox, you might find some of your Postbox add-ons getting disabled. Download the appropriate version of the add-on for the version of Postbox you are using from the Add-ons list at http://postbox-inc.com/extensions.

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