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Gmail-Style Shortcuts

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posted this on October 31, 2011 06:13 PM

Users who have grown accustomed to Gmail-style shortcuts now have the option of using them in Postbox 3. To enable this setting go to: 

Mac: Postbox | Preferences | Advanced | General

Windows: Tools | Options | Advanced | General

and check the box net to the option to Use Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts.

Note: Postbox must be restarted for the change to take effect. 

List of Gmail-style Shortcuts

Shortcut Key      Definition Action
C Compose Opens a compose window
E Archive Archives the selected message
/ Search Places the cursor in the search toolbar
Next Conversation or Thread Selects the next conversation in the Thread Pane
Previous Conversation or Thread        Selects the previous conversation in the Thread Pane 
N Next Message Selects the next message in the selected thread
P Previous Message Selects the previous message in the selected thread
R Reply Reply to the selected message
A Reply All Reply All to the selected message
F Forward Forwards the selected message
Shift + U Mark as Unread Marks the selected message(s) as unread
Shift + I Mark as Read Marks the selected message(s) as read






Not Yet Supported 

Shortcut Key      Definition Action
# Delete Deletes a message



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